Whole 30: Day Seven

Well, I have completed the first week of the Whole 30 diet.  The biggest challenge for my has been the sugar.  That plus the grains and legumes were the biggest changes for my diet.  The meat and veggie portion is pretty much the same as always for us.  We try to eat pretty clean as a general rule and the dairy and wheat allergies in our family usually limit the consumption off those as well.  Of course, this diet is more extensive in the exclusion of certain foods, but that is good.  You can read all of the different rules for the Whole 30 Program here.  ButI decided to do it because after about 3 weeks of eating processed junk, I felt kinda “blah-ish”.  I was constantly bloated and knew that something must be done, so I did.

The first seven days have been challenging — probably the sugar withdrawal.  I was very tired on days three and four.  My wife saysI was also grumpy.  I continued to work out during this and haven’t noticed much of a change there.  I also had some pretty good headaches during the first three days.  I am starting to feel much better now.  I even had enough will power to make it through the whole family having birthday cake and Cold Stone Ice Cream.  But other than those days of temptation I feel pretty good.  One of the benefits of this is finding great new recipes like this that have become keeper!

I will try to do this once a week to keep track of my progress.


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